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What to do with the Kids at a Wedding?

Wow! how did we get here???

Bandtube | What to do with Kids at a Wedding | Non-Stop Kids Entertainment

What an incredible situation we are all living through, it honestly unbelievable. But we are all trying are best to get through and to support each other and one day we will be back to normal.

For those of us who have kids, educating and entertaining your kids everyday is a massive challenge, but I recently came across a fantastic company call Non Stop Kids who are absolutely amazing with little people!!

Check out their video below

They have been doing virtual kids parties via their new channel 'NSK TV!! An utterly brilliant idea have a look here

Bandtube | What to do with Kids at a Wedding | Non-Stop Kids Entertainment

Here is a bit of blurb from their website so you can see what its all about!!

"The new home to children's online shows & educational entertainment. During a tough period of self-isolation it is important that your children stay active & their brains are stimulated with new information. That's why we have created an NSK TV schedule!


From Monday to Sunday we post videos from 8am to 6pm, with 6 slots for each day. These videos are posted automatically to our Facebook & Youtube for you to watch anytime you like! ​ From Online Comedy Magic Shows to Educational Science Experiments & Fun Maths hows! All of our entertainers are absolutely amazing and guarantee to keep your children entertained!

Awesome hey? What does this have to do withe Bandtube? Well they are so great that their services extend in to the Wedding and Events industry and come the end of lockdown when we eventually emerge from our slumber, they are a great option for your BIG day!!

Kids can be brilliant to have at a Wedding, but it is a long day and its a test of endurance lets be honest for adults, and what better way than to make your day easier and better than to have the kids entertained for you, while you enjoy a day amongst your family and friends. These guys are essential!!

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