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Top 10 Wedding First Dances 2022 - Ideas for you! (2023 Update)

Running an Entertainment Agency in Manchester and also being a singer in a Wedding Band North West, I get to hear and perform a lot of Wedding first dance's for couples. So… what are the hot songs in 2022so far, the ones that couples are picking for their first waltz as a married couple you might wonder? And what tips or Wedding first dance ideas might I have for you?

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Well, for any engaged couple reading this dreading the first dance, here are a few little things for you to consider:

  1. Not everyone has a first dance – its not the law, its your wedding, so if you don’t fancy it, don’t have one.. simple

  2. If you are not great movers, get everyone involved – I always ask the couple if they want the crowd on the floor with them at some stage, usually after a verse and a chorus, so you don’t have to suffer alone!

  3. Try to choose something you can dance to or at least get everyone singing along to – I always think something lively is the better option. If you have a special song that means something to you and its slow, great, that’s perfect, but if you are struggling to come up with a song, then think about how it will be as a spectacle. As a groom, you don’t have to be Fred Astaire to be able to bop along and let your partner do a few spins, so enjoy yourself and your guests will react. It will kick the evening off perfectly!

So then, what are the top songs people are choosing? I’m going to list these in order of how many times we (The RUSH) have had the songs requested, so there is a chart position! I will also include songs which we haven’t played and perhaps has been played as part of the DJing part of the night, but it will give you an indication.

1. Perfect - Ed Sheeran - undoubtedly the most popular first dance in one year. We actually had it as a first dance on three Weddings in one Weekend!! Go Ed!!

2. You're the Best Thing - Ray La Montagne - Absolutely love this song! He's awesome anyway, but it starts with the horns and really has something you can dance to!!

3. Amazed - Lonestar - A country and western classic, massive vocals at the end!!

4. Dancing in the Dark - John Legend (Springsteen Cover) - Absolutely love this song, I think its Springsteen's best song, but John Legend absolutely nails this version!!

5. Half the World Away - Oasis - We've done this at a few weddings now and it always gives you the same result, everyone on the dancefloor with the bride and groom, hands in the air, belting it out.

6. Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton - Its an old one, but still much requested, a popular thing is for the groom to request that the words be changed to suit the hair colour of the bride! It totally has the right sentiment though for a first dance, its simply all about the bride.

7. Lets Stay Together - Al Green- The Reverand at his best, been singing this song for years and it never gets old to me, great one to get everyone involved with as well!

8. Lets Get it On - Marvin Gaye - You cannot help but sway to this one, Its just so cool! You have to have a watch of this live version as well!!

9. Tom Odell - Grow Old with me - This is not that well known a song, and apparently it only charted at 46 in the UK singles chart, but we have had this requested numerous times and it always goes down well. Again the sentiment of it really fits the occasion.

10. Alicia Keys/ James Bay (Alicia Keys Cover) - There are two versions of this song which we have been asked for, Alicia Keys is the original obviously but both are fantastic to be honest! Although I am a bit partial to the James Bay version, its a great song whichever way you look at it

So there you have it!! If you are looking for that perfect Wedding Band North West First Dance song, remember there are no rules, and it is your choice, but I hope these ideas might help you find the perfect one for your BIG day!


2023 Update!!

So this year has been a long old year but unbelievable at the same time! My Wedding band (The RUSH) have taken part in around 120 Weddings this year, so here is a little update on what couples have been choosing for their first wedding dance!! ..

The Courteeners - Take Over The World

Lighthouse Family - High

Lewis Capaldi - Pointless

Stephen Sanchez - Until I Found You

Blossoms - Oh No (I think I'm in Love with You)

One Direction - You & I

Klangkarussell & Sonnentanz - Sun Don't Shine

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